Month: June 2017

Soda Makers and the Advantages of Using them

These days, there are many ways to give in to your taste buds without compromising your health. During hot weather season, you may find yourself quenching your thirst with unhealthy drinks. In case you still don’t know, each soda can contains not less than 40 grams sugar and has more than 150 calories content. And surely, that’s a lot than you need!

You have another healthy option to get rid of the effects of harmful commercial drinks. You can make your own soda instead. How? With the help of the best soda maker you can find in the market nowadays. This is healthy for the environment too since it frees you from stocks of empty soda cans that accumulates over time. As per the Container Recycling Institute, plastic beverage bottles consumes to as much as 2 million tons of plastic bottles. This leads to a lot of waste.

Making your own soda at home also skips the burden of carrying heavy beverage bottles packed in bulky packages. Imagine carrying all of them from the grocery to your home. This would require lots of effort on your part.

What are soda makers anyway? Well, they are small appliances designed to make a soda at the comfort of your own office or home. Since they come in sizes that are enough to fit on your countertop, they will easily blend with the rest of your kitchen appliances. With this device, your tap water will transform to carbonated sodas and sparkling water in just 30 seconds. And you don’t need to use bottles or wasteful cans when making these beverages. After adding your preferred flavoring, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage that is perfect for your taste.

Below are some of the advantages of using a soda maker:

  1. It’s a healthy choice

Since you will be the one who will choose the mixtures and ingredients, you can be assured that the drink will be perfect for your health. This is indeed valuable even for individuals who have food disabilities such as diabetes or allergies since they can do away the ingredients that will not be good for their health. Commercial sodas are added with more calories, sugar, carbs and even caffeine. They contain fructose corn syrup in high content and the diet soda contains aspartame as its sweetener.

  1. Soda making can be a good family bonding activity

Kids will surely enjoy creating sodas by themselves. As you teach them the process, you will have the chance to let them learn healthy flavour options. You can also bring up the importance of caring for the environment reducing wastes like empty soda bottles.

  1. Unlimited flavor options

Choose among the cream soda, cola, orange and root beer.

  1. Convenient

With just a few minutes, you can have your soda drink anytime you want to. Most of all, soda makers get rid of soda bottles. Hence, you get to care for the environment as well.

So, if you are fond of drinking soda, make sure that you equip your home with a soda maker and choose the best one available in the market to make the most of it.


We are faced with many decisions every day. It is essential to effectively make them in order to be successful and happy. The right decision did not just happen by accident. Improving the choices we make is a process.

Each day, our lives are full with a constant flow of decisions. Some are small ones such as what kind of food to eat or which route to take home. While others are bigger and more difficult like deciding which job offer to take or whether it will be beneficial for you to move to another city or not. With all these decisions taking our minds each day, learning which ones to prioritize and make them effective is important. Here are some strategies smart people consider in making sound decisions.

1. Smart people pay attention to their emotions
It is true what they say that one should not make any permanent decisions when they are emotional. Smart and successful people understand their emotions and recognize this concept so they are able to objectify decisions and make it as rational as possible.

2. Smart people make huge decisions in the morning
One of the best ways to beat decision fatigue is to make little decisions after work and tackle more difficult and complex ones in the morning. A perfect trick to do when you are faced with a wide range of important decisions is to wake up early and work on your most difficult tasks before you do some of the smaller things you need to do the night before.

3. Smart people sleep on decisions
To ensure your thoughts are cleared, sleep on your decisions and approach it the next day. It will also provide you to cool down your emotions. You will tend to react when you act immediately instead of gaining more focus and time to your decisions. In addition, you will also discover some essential sides of it that you did not see beforehand.

4. Smart people exercise to recharge
When stress hits due to a major decision, your body will naturally produce cortisol, which is the chemical that causes the fight or flight response. Try to exercise if you see yourself battling with a decision. You can do as little as 30 minutes of cardio to get those endorphins out to clarify your mind. In addition, exercise will aid you to get past the fight or flight stage by placing the cortisol to practical use. Study has shown that exercising regularly can improve the overall functioning of our brain regions that are responsible in making decisions.

5. Smart people reflect on previous decisions
According to Mark Twain, “Good decisions come from experience, but experience comes from making bad decisions.” However, this does not mean that in order to be a good decision maker, you have to create a lot of mistakes. It simply means that it is vital for you to keep decisions in the past as a guideline. Smart and successful people are aware of the decisions they’ve made in the past and on how to take advantage of them when something similar happens again.


Being alone has plenty of benefits. What you will learn throughout the process and what you will uncover within yourself is where the advantages lie. Today’s society teaches us about care for one’s self, vacations and a break from the dramatic things. However it’s not all about that at all. You have to understand and learn how to appreciate and have fun on your alone time because these opportunities presents itself to you each day.

One of the benefits of being alone is the decrease of the risks of depression and many diseases as well as boosts your creativity and your ability to focus. Sometimes though you may feel an itch and have a thirst for wanderlust. You can take matters in your hands and do a road trip on your own and so some soul searching. You can do this without any companion.

In reality, you can be around other people and still feel alone, which is not a bad thing at all. You can learn to adapt to changes around you. Changes in life come for all of us, but there are no ways to tell when they will come since there are no signs. We are the ones who can actually create the signs.

That’s the beauty of being alone; you can make your own solo adventures, and there are also adventures that are spurs of the moment that will make you appreciate your time on this planet even more. Here are some ways on how you can enjoy being alone:

1. Breathe into the excitement. Crowds can feel overwhelming, like moving through a swarm of people in the market of a new city. Your heart will thump which is a reminder that you are nervous, you also feel excited. This means you breathe into the excitement. This can also mean that you are practicing mindfulness exercises that can easily suit into your day and just focusing on your breathing.
2. Find your stomping grounds. It is a must for people who travel solo to set up a base of where to operate outside of their hotel just like when you’re haunting the neighbourhood for a good coffee shop. You can choose a spot that’s relaxing, where locals in that community often go and you can also simply sit in the middle of the chaos for a cup of coffee and a casual bite. You can converse with locals and learn more about the places you’d never thought you’d ever check out.

3. Simple routines. Your little routines in your life can most of the time bring you comfort. You will appreciate the little things in life that you’ve been doing routinely when you have been out of your comfort zone and discovering the world. You’d start to see things on how you do it. It can be annoying at first, but sooner or later, things like brushing your teeth or washing a plate can be a treasure. You can get to know more about yourself in a whole new meaning that way.


As they say, life is too short not to live it to the fullest. If you’re thinking of making some changes in your life, here are some signs that you need to look to in order to make that decision.

1. You Can Not Wait for Friday To Come Every Week
Fridays are fun, but most Fridays can be really enjoyable. It’s time to really think about what kind of lifestyle you have when you are saving all of your living for weekends. It is time to consider making some changes in your life. It is good to look forward to some plans over the weekends, but it is truly probable to live a life you really love on any days of the week, even on Mondays.

2. You’re Jealous Most of the Time
If you see yourself getting jealous about someone most of the time, consider changing the following things:
• Instead of focusing on that person’s own journey, make a point on focusing on yours. Most often, taking a break from social media can be a big help.
• Instead of getting jealous, be motivated in working hard towards a similar goal in your life.
• Look for something that person has on which you are willing to give an effort to achieve, so you’ll cheer her up instead of choosing to be jealous.

When feeling jealous, analyse why you want what that person has and what are the reasons of your jealousy. Start on living a life on your terms and focus more on your passions, strengths and priorities in order to provide yourself with more fulfilment instead of trying to be somebody else.

3. You Live for your Vacations
It is fun to have a vacation; however, creating a life where you don’t a vacation from is even far better. It is more important to create a life where there’s no need to escape from it than wondering when you will have your next vacation. Having a life where you have all the opportunities to do what makes you happy and up for weeks is better than any vacations in the world.

4. You Have No Idea What Burns Your Fire and You Have No Time in your Life to Discover It
If you still haven’t found what it is you’re passionate about in life, the chances of you finding it doing the same routine you’re doing is slim to none. Start making some time in your life to look for what fire burns your passion in life. Give yourself some time to figure out who you really are, what interests you and what your strengths are. Try experimenting and learning new things, spend time with people that inspire you and do more of the things that excites you the most and less of the things that sucks out your energy.

5. You Have No Idea When was the Last Time You Stepped Out of your Comfort Zone
It has been said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Going beyond your comfort zone can give you a more exciting life. Life is too short not to spend more time not living to your full potential. Start taking little steps in living the life that you want and keep moving forward.