Without a doubt, laptop bags are becoming a highly marketable commodity now that laptops are essentially an extension of the working class and university students. One interesting observation is that a special kind of laptop bag is gaining a substantial following of laptop owners. Rolling laptop bags may sound childish, considering that most adults are only familiar with rolling bags for traveling or when children use it. Ironically, however, as laptops become lighter and thinner, bags need to be more and more structurally resilient. This is because people tend to bring more than just their laptop on a daily basis. Documents and physical books are mainstays in a corporate employee’s repertoire. And then there are laptop owners who are always taking their gigantic gaming laptops with them regularly. Sure, a hefty gaming laptop defeats the purpose of portability. But that’s beside the point.

Regardless of what laptop one might be using as their daily driver, choosing the right bag is something that needs some considerations because it has to complement a person’s attire. Choosing the best rolling laptop bags for the money is an obvious consideration. Budget dictates a lot when picking just about any products. Here are common types of rolling laptop bags to choose from.

Backpacks are unlikely to fade into obsolescence. It provides the most convenient and comfortable means of taking a laptop and other heavy items along. The balanced distribution of weight has always been the biggest strengths of backpacks. It also prevents the laptop from bouncing and bumping, as laptops would when messenger bags are used. A rolling backpack for a laptop can make an already convenient bag even more convenient. If the laptop has to be carried around for the entire day, not even the distributed weight of a backpack can prevent shoulder back pain. With the addition of wheels, this doesn’t have to be the case.

  1. Messenger bags.

As mentioned earlier, one disadvantage of messenger bags is that they swing around quite often and are sooner or later going to subject the laptop to impact. Obviously, a laptop owner who prefers this type of bag must be more mindful of carrying their bag to avoid damages. The undeniable advantage of rolling messenger bags, however, is that they are flexible aesthetically. They can be used when wearing casual attire, and can also be fashionable enough to complement a business suit. Of course, this still hinges on the actual design and texture of the bag. One practical suggestion in buying messenger bags is to get one that is best used with casual clothing and another for formal attires.


  1. Tote bags.

Tote bags are generally meant for a base market of laptop users who want to use a chic bag that complements their taste in fashion. Initially, one would think that tote bags with wheels are fashion faux pas. However, fashion experts being the fashion experts that they are, came up with designs for rolling tote bags that go well with trendy clothing. Needless to say that choosing just one tote bag isn’t going to be sufficient for anyone who lives and breathes mixing and matching of clothing and accessories. Tote bags are not to be underestimated, however. Although they cater to a market who may value looks over function, they are still made to house a laptop and its accessories.