Elderlies have limited mobility. In fact, according to a recent study, only a few members of the aging society are still capable of doing sports, getting active with their social life, and more, by the time they reach the age of 65, because some of them are experiencing the effects of declining of physical strength. The elderlies are one of the most vulnerable age group. Did you know that even by sitting down, the elderlies are prone to injuries? In fact, according to a study, 54 percent of CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) have reported that there has been an increase in numbers of injuries just by assisting the elderlies in sitting and rising from their seat. Which is the reason why, if you want a safe and comfortable seat for your loved one who is seniors, why not provide them with lift chair? Below are the top reasons why you should buy them a lift chair:

  1. It provides them independence

Sitting and rising from their seat or their favorite couch can be tough for elderlies who are 70 years old. Their joints are not as strong as they were before. In fact, according to medical studies for elderlies, the musculoskeletal of an elderly are prone to diseases since they start to wear out due to decrease calcium production and other nutrient needed for bone growth or maintenance. Having a lift chair at home, elderlies does not need someone to help them sit nor rise from the chair since these remarkable chairs can be adjusted, enabling the elderlies to stand up or have a comfortable way of sitting down, independently.

  1. Encourages mobility

One of the main advantages of having a lift-reclining chair for elderlies is it helps them in terms of mobility, where they are capable of sitting and rising from their chair without feeling pain or sore; this is thanks to the repositioning ability of the chair.

  1. It helps reduce the risk of injuries

The elderlies are prone to injuries, especially when transitioning from sitting and rising from their seat. Most of these injuries are the physical strain and slipping off the floor. However, if you allow them to use lifting and reclining chairs, you are reducing the risk of injuries. Understanding the mechanism of lift chairs, it has a catapult-like motion that helps the elderlies to stand up fast without risking physical strain or allows them to sit comfortably by reclining the seat’s backrest.

  1. Comfortable Lift chairs come in several varieties.

Most of these come with backrest, footrest, and an adjustable resting position. With so many repositioning options, the elderlies can enjoy watching television without feeling sore at the back or pain when standing up. Indeed, these remarkable chairs provide comfort to elderlies. The lift chairs are beneficial to people who have limited mobility. If you are planning to provide one for your loved one, try reading some¬†lift chair review¬†at Lift With Style’s website now and provide a comfortable seat for your elderly loved one.