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Why Some Parents Still Use Reusable Nappies Nowadays


Before 1950’s, parents used to wrap their babies with reusable cloth nappies where they can pee and poo anytime. And if you can just imagine how many diapers your baby consumes every day, you will have the idea as to how many cloth nappies they need to wash daily too. However, things changed.

These days, disposable diapers allow the parents to throw soiled nappies in the bin and surely, this is definitely more convenient. But let’s face it; convenience is not the only factor we need to consider to survive on this Earth. There is always a reason why man needs to sweat in every brow to serve the purpose of humanity’s existence. Most of the time, we need to be like butterflies. Caterpillars will first fall apart completely, begin to decompose their very essence and lost their consciousness and shapes. And when they literally die, they pull themselves together to start a new life. Hence, sometimes, the less convenient things are, the more we benefit from them.

Perhaps, little do you know that the convenience you get from disposable diapers has a heavy price. Every year, in the UK alone, there are more than 3 million disposable diapers piling up in landfills. And the sad thing is; these disposable materials do not decompose easily. In fact, the very diaper you throw at the bin today will still be around in 2214. And since 90% of disposable nappies are thrown into landfills each day, this accounts to 1.21 million tons of dry diapers! If you do away with disposable nappies, you free your garbage can with around 4% of your total waste. For this reason, many households turn to the old way of dealing with their babies wastes, they use the reusable cloth nappies instead. When you say “reusable”, this means a long time of use. It would cut much of your expenses. Do you know that £433 million is spent in UK for disposable diapers alone? And since your baby needs changing of disposable diapers 6000 times for his first 2 ½ years, this would mean spending around £800-1200 in such length of time. If you want to reduce this to only a fraction of the price then use reusable nappies instead and only spend £90-£300.

What makes a disposable diaper anyway? Well, this is made of plastic, paper, gels, and chemicals. And they can harm our environment more than you can ever imagine. On the other hand, reusable nappies are made of soft, naturally absorbent and breathable fabrics. Hence, this is enough reason why the latter is still worth using for over than the other. The chemicals found in disposable diapers can seep in underneath the soil, going to the source of the water system. And this can contaminate the water used by the affected households. Unless we do something about this, you can only expect things to get worse over time.

So, if you think reusable nappies are gross, think again. This can actually give more comfort to your baby and benefit the environment where you live. You can click here for more info on reusable diapers.

Online Consumer Community: Beating the Odds Against Fraud and Unreliable Business in Canada

Consumers are the life of businesses, and these businesses rely on the consumer to prosper. Indeed, these two are synchronized. However, not all companies are worth the trust of people. In this highly-technological era, it is tough to place your loyalty and trust to any person and even to a business company for that matter. With the increasing demand to address everyone’s their daily necessities, it has become an opportunity for individuals with malign intention to scam the unknowing consumers. In fact, fraud businesses and unreliable persons which they call themselves as “entrepreneurs” are rampant both on the physical and cyber market. There are hundreds of innocent consumers who are scammed on the internet on a daily basis by being offered with “too good to be true” package deals and offers. Thus, as a consumer, you have to be careful in choosing whom to pick as a supplier. This situation happens in every corner of the world and Canada is no exception.


If you are new to the place and has no knowledge of what companies are reliable and not, you will require a trustworthy guide to help you in getting to know Canada’s market sphere. One of the best approaches to circumvent frauds and protect you from it is through subscribing in online consumer community.


What is an Online Consumer Community?


The presence of the internet and other technologies made it possible to revolutionize the market as well as empower the consumers. The online consumer community is one of the most beneficial products of digital technology nowadays. An online consumer community is any website on the web which any consumers can access to serve as a guide in trekking the turf of business industry. It is the most-advanced method that can protect consumers from scammers, low-quality products, and services as well as unreliable businesses in Canada and various geographical locations. This online site provides updated reviews from consumers concerning various major companies.


Moreover, you can also file a complaint on this site if you encountered a poor customer service or anything that evokes your right as a consumer. Hence, through this website, you can know more whom you are dealing with and in addition, you can help to improve a company’s operations and save other consumers from poor services. There are several consumers-powered communities here in Canada. But as a consumer, you only deserve what is best. You can browse the web for 2Shay– your partner in seeking information about the primary companies in the country.


2Shay has been present for many years with a goal of empowering consumers and protecting them from undesirable customer services. They provide detailed guidelines and information regarding the major companies in Canada from diverse market fields which includes food, travel, finance, appliances, digital, Telcos, retail, technologies, utilities and much more. If you need any information concerning the quality of products or services of a certain company or to know the customer service history of the said company, you can always depend on 2Shay.

Why Mugs and Tumblers are Better Than Their Disposable Counterparts

The use of disposable items seems to be a hard habit to break. To some people, washing dishes seem to be a precious time robbed from them, a time that they could have spent with their family or friends. Disposable cups can be thrown after use. And the best thing is, you don’t need to wash them!

However, if you look at it closely, you will discover the downsides of using plastic wares. One is the extra garbage that it brings. Do you know that in 2010 alone, there are 23 billion plastic cups used in the US alone? For a coffee drinker, imagine how many disposable cups you are throwing each day? This can build mountains of garbage on the landfill over time. And the point is; you are paying for the disposable cup every time you buy your favorite hot (or cold) drinks. Hence, you are spending more money that you should. The idea is; if you stop throwing disposable cups for 40 years, you save the earth from the 230 lbs. of solid waste it could have accumulated. This is also equivalent to 1800 lbs. of woods or 6 trees!

Aside from the waste it brings, disposable cups are flimsy. In fact, some of them are thrown away even before they were used. Of course, their cost can be pricey, even if you settle for the flimsy types. If you add up all your disposable cup expenses over time, you will be surprised to realize how much you could have saved if you didn’t buy them at all. And investing for more durable cups would also mean throwing more money down the drain. And accept it, they need more room too when stored in your cupboard. And this could mean so much for someone who lives in a limited space apartment.

On the other hand, disposable cups have distinct tastes. They have a certain chemical odor that contaminates the taste of the food. And think about how these disposable items can harm the environment. Before they became plastic cups that we know of, they were manufactured, transported and dispatched. Hence, the transit itself can cause pollution.

You have a better option and this is the use of a reusable mug or tumbler. And the good news is; they now come with various designs and features that will fit your lifestyle and preferences. Many of them are made with a double wall stainless steel that retains the temperature of your drink whether it is hot or cold. They are very useful during travels when you want to keep yourself hydrated while on the road, enjoying a steaming hot coffee or ice cold juice. They have less to no leakage or spill and are durable for long-term use.

You can also personalize mugs and tumblers. They save you tons of money over time since you don’t need to buy their disposable counterparts at all. Most of all, the use of reusable mugs and glass is your one simple way of caring for the environment.

For reviews on mugs and tumblers, you can read mug and tumbler reviews. They will walk you through the process of choosing the best mug for you.

Choosing the Best Handheld Massager


A portable handheld massager is becoming more and more popular to many people for the past years. This is because of the fact that it has a lot of advantages to offer its users. The portability of such device as well as its effective capacity to provide relief to muscle spasms and pain are simply more than enough for some hardworking men and women in their respective employment, and even those students can benefit out of it.


If you are one of those who would want to get their hands on at least one of these portable and useful handheld massagers, then you might want to start looking for one because there are lots of factors to consider and products to choose from. For sure, these can help with muscle pain regardless of the type.


To shorten out your hundreds of options, it would be ideal to look for the highly recommended massagers available in the market nowadays. You can read on some posts about the best in the industry as well as the reasons behind the rankings. It would also be of great help to read on some reviews and feedback from current or previous users of certain handheld massagers.


As a start, you might want to take a look at the handheld massager for sport from the manufacturer Brookstone. It is widely known for its portability because the device comes with a bag that has a zipper for transport. Its durability is unquestionable and customizable. It has settings that you can adjust in accordance to your needs.


One other device that you might want to consider is the stim-u-lax massager from oster professional. For decades, this particular tool has been used by barbers and those who are working in salons. Basically, it is used to let customers feel relax, especially on their scalp area. It has a single speed, making it more customized for the scalp alone.


The easy reach rolling massager manufactured by Panasonic is another handheld massager that you need to be aware of. It size and weight are ideal for those who travel more often. It is said to have a capacity to give a variety of massage because it has a roller as well as a head for vibrations.


There are a whole lot of other highly recommended handheld massagers available, but the question remains on how to determine which among them is good enough for you. First and foremost, think of the versatility of the handheld massager. This refers to the capacity of the tool to serve its purpose in different instances.


The source of power of the massager is also a factor to consider. There are some that needs to be plugged in and there are also those that functions with batteries alone. But the vibrations and pressure may differ in one way or another.


There are also handheld massagers that have a capacity to provide heat while being used. Without a doubt, heat and pressure would do much better to ease those tensions and relieve pain in the muscles.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Product

Having clean water in households and any other places has become a great concern of the government, healthcare industry, and the public. That is due to the fact there are already a lot of diseases, like bacterial and parasitic diarrheic conditions, that are caused by dirty water. The sad thing is that as the number of humans increased, as well as the world, becomes more industrialized, the sources of water are becoming contaminated with so many things. What is worst is that the contaminants cannot be easily seen by the naked eye. With such in regard, certain processes like filtration and distillation have been invented in order for humans to have clean household water. According to science, one of the best methods is the so-called reverse osmosis.

An Overview of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis or hyperfiltration, as the name implies, is a water treatment process that is capable of removing unwanted particles in the water at a molecular or tiniest level. In fact, according to data from studies, the process is capable of removing equal to 99% of bacteria, particles, dissolved salts, colloids, and pyrogens that are present in water. Thus, water treated with reverse osmosis techniques is sometimes referred to as highly-pure water. In addition, using reverse-osmosis-treated water can also prevent the occurrence of fluorosis, especially in children. That is due to the fact that reverse osmosis is capable of removing up to 90% of fluoride that is present in water. However, such will depend on the size of the membranes and holes of the reverse osmosis system being used.

People should, however, remember that water treated with reverse osmosis systems still contain calcium, sodium, and other minerals that have high ionic charges. Likewise, CO2 will also still be present in reverse-osmosis-treated water. Nonetheless, having water treatment systems that work using the principle of reverse osmosis is still a recommendation for people who want to have a clean source of water in their homes. Interested individuals who want to have one should check the different products that are available in the market, just like the one below.

Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact

The Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact is a product that uses seven stages of the filtration process. Thus, it is capable of removing dissolved solids, chlorine, chemicals, microorganisms, heavy metals, and other contaminants at a maximum percentage of 98. What is better is that the product’s filter systems can last up to 2,500 gallons of water have been treated. Thus, depending on the owner’s water consumption needs, the filters will not need a replacement for a year. Likewise, when the filters are to be changed, users will have no troubles at all. That is because they are easily accessible. Further, when the filters require changing or there is a problem, the product will make a sound.

In addition, according to, the flow rate of the water is strong and constant. That is due to the fact that its tubing and fittings have large diameters. Another great thing about the product is that the water remineralization process happens twice. One is when the water passes through the product’s storage tank. Second, is when the water is nearing the faucet.


List of Famous People with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a lifetime illness that needs serious medication and therapy. It is a mental disorder that is difficult to handle especially for public personalities. Living at the center of the limelight is not easy as it is, let alone if you have a mental irregularity that could make or break your career. Usually, famous people with bipolar disorder develop this manic-depressive disorder at the age of 30. In some cases, teens, despite their early age, also show symptoms of manic depression.


According to some studies, about 93 per cent of bipolar disorder cases is triggered by heredity. If you notice a family member or yourself exhibiting symptoms of the disorder, it would be a good idea to use the best affordable DNA ancestry test to see from which side of the family tree the disorder stems from.


Treating depression alone is much easier, but if it is accompanied by manic episodes, series of trial and error medications are needed. Not everyone has the same condition, severity and body reaction. A set of drugs may work with one patient, but it may have an adverse effect to another. Lithium is prescribed to bipolar patients. This drug makes a person numb; however, to combat other symptoms, a few more prescriptions are given such as antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants and mood stabilizing drugs. The following celebrities and other famous people with bipolar disorder were given different sets of medications and counseling to treat their condition.


Catherine Zeta-Jones


She is the most recent Hollywood star who was brave enough to go public about her bipolar disorder which was diagnosed when she was 41. According to Zeta-Jones, her Bipolar II is triggered by stress. At the time, her famous husband Michael Douglas was suffering stage four throat cancer. Moreover, the couple was also battling a legal case against Douglas’ first wife. She went to ask for medication and counseling because according to her, she does not only let herself down during her hypomanic episodes, she also let people around her upset and affected.


Robert Downey, Jr.


Along with his success in the movie industry is his secret manic-depressive disorder. Even if he denies it when asked publicly, people close to Robert Downy, Jr. reported that the actor has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Among the symptoms that he manifests are excessive spending and severe drug addiction. Despite his huge earnings, he has had issues with the IRS because of his major financial conflicts. Sources say that he refuses to seek psychological help because he claims that his success is due to his unusual ups and downs.


Sir Winston Churchill


He is known as a Nobel Prize Winner in Literature in 1953 for his optimistic words to encourage and inspire his nation to achieve victory in World War II. Sir Winston Churchill is a British citizen but he was granted a US citizenship from the President John F. Kennedy. During those times, he referred to his bipolar disorder as his “black dog” because of his dark manic episodes. In order not to notice his manic depression, Churchill pushed himself to work from 8 AM to 4 AM.


Other famous people with bipolar disorder are Richard Dreyfus, Larry Flint, Ted Turner, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Russel Brand, Carrie Fisher, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Ben Stiller, Sinead O’Connor and many more. Some of them went public about their disorder to raise awareness while some were in denial. Nevertheless, if you think you inhibit signs of manic-depression, it’s best to let the people around you know about your condition, and seek medical help.

Different Styles of Rolling Laptop Bags to Choose From

Without a doubt, laptop bags are becoming a highly marketable commodity now that laptops are essentially an extension of the working class and university students. One interesting observation is that a special kind of laptop bag is gaining a substantial following of laptop owners. Rolling laptop bags may sound childish, considering that most adults are only familiar with rolling bags for traveling or when children use it. Ironically, however, as laptops become lighter and thinner, bags need to be more and more structurally resilient. This is because people tend to bring more than just their laptop on a daily basis. Documents and physical books are mainstays in a corporate employee’s repertoire. And then there are laptop owners who are always taking their gigantic gaming laptops with them regularly. Sure, a hefty gaming laptop defeats the purpose of portability. But that’s beside the point.

Regardless of what laptop one might be using as their daily driver, choosing the right bag is something that needs some considerations because it has to complement a person’s attire. Choosing the best rolling laptop bags for the money is an obvious consideration. Budget dictates a lot when picking just about any products. Here are common types of rolling laptop bags to choose from.

Backpacks are unlikely to fade into obsolescence. It provides the most convenient and comfortable means of taking a laptop and other heavy items along. The balanced distribution of weight has always been the biggest strengths of backpacks. It also prevents the laptop from bouncing and bumping, as laptops would when messenger bags are used. A rolling backpack for a laptop can make an already convenient bag even more convenient. If the laptop has to be carried around for the entire day, not even the distributed weight of a backpack can prevent shoulder back pain. With the addition of wheels, this doesn’t have to be the case.

  1. Messenger bags.

As mentioned earlier, one disadvantage of messenger bags is that they swing around quite often and are sooner or later going to subject the laptop to impact. Obviously, a laptop owner who prefers this type of bag must be more mindful of carrying their bag to avoid damages. The undeniable advantage of rolling messenger bags, however, is that they are flexible aesthetically. They can be used when wearing casual attire, and can also be fashionable enough to complement a business suit. Of course, this still hinges on the actual design and texture of the bag. One practical suggestion in buying messenger bags is to get one that is best used with casual clothing and another for formal attires.


  1. Tote bags.

Tote bags are generally meant for a base market of laptop users who want to use a chic bag that complements their taste in fashion. Initially, one would think that tote bags with wheels are fashion faux pas. However, fashion experts being the fashion experts that they are, came up with designs for rolling tote bags that go well with trendy clothing. Needless to say that choosing just one tote bag isn’t going to be sufficient for anyone who lives and breathes mixing and matching of clothing and accessories. Tote bags are not to be underestimated, however. Although they cater to a market who may value looks over function, they are still made to house a laptop and its accessories.

Considerations When Buying a Makeup Mirror

For women who are serious in their makeup application or do it on a regular basis, the traditional mirror that comes with a dresser is not enough. For the uninitiated, it’s funny to think that anyone would want to have a special mirror for putting on cosmetics. Sure, it may be entirely for vanity, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that looking good is a big advantage in society. Vanity has its benefits, apparently. On the subject of mirrors, one can’t expect to have the best time putting on makeup using the usual flat mirror. It’s a headache when used for almost an hour every single day. This is where makeup mirrors come in. The surface of a makeup mirror is different from normal ones because of its slightly concave surface. This simple difference provides the means to have a better view of the sides of the face. This reflection it produces is referred to as the incident angle. To avoid getting too technical about makeup mirrors, here are some factors that first-time buyers can refer to when choosing which one is best for them.

Putting on makeup can be difficult when a regular mirror is used. As silly as it sounds, precision is essential. This means that slight magnification is required when putting them on. A slight deviation in using eyebrow pencil can botch the application so bad that one might need to wash off and start over again. Although, to be fair, washing off is an exaggeration since makeup oils can be used to clear makeup that went out of bounds. Still, it’s better to avoid it entirely. A makeup mirror with enough magnification for better control and visual can mitigate or even eliminate annoying nuances like these.

Most mirrors, makeup mirrors, and other types, only have one side. But since makeup mirrors are available in smaller sizes than the dresser mirror, it’s possible for manufacturers to install mirrors on both sides. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s only ever ridiculous if both sides have the same features. When buying a two-sided makeup mirror, it’s important to know if one side is different from the other. One can have normal magnification and surface while the other can offer the benefits of a concave and magnified mirror. Check out options at and other similar reliable sites.

  1. Surface area.

The varying surface area of makeup mirrors makes a lot of difference. Using a larger one, obviously, offers the best in terms of coverage. However, bigger is not always better for makeup mirrors. Portability is a significant determining factor when choosing one. Makeup artists or models are ideally equipped all the time with a makeup kit and a handy makeup mirror. Ones that fit in pockets may be out of the question. But in some instances, it can still be pretty useful. This is why before deciding on the mirror’s surface area, one should first assess on whether the mirror stays at home or if it always tags along inside the bag.

Most Effective Muscle Pain Relievers

Muscles pains can be caused by different factors. Whether it is because you sit in front of the computer for too long, or you have exercised too much, you would be experiencing some aches all over your body. Ignoring muscle soreness is not a good idea because it would just make it worse. And once that happens, your daily life would be affected. Let me share some effective reliefs for muscle pain without taking pain killer pills that have a lot of undesirable side effects.

Tip One: You can dip in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt.

Dissolve two or just one cup of Epsom salt in warm water and soak your body for about 15 minutes. The compounds of Epsom salts are natural relaxants. The salt can also help to reduce the swelling by removing the excess liquids in the body.

Tip Two: Apply an ice pack over the area that is experiencing pain for about twenty minutes to reduce swelling.

You can follow it up with a warm bath or shower to relax your muscles, especially after an intense workout.

Tip Three: Drink one or two tablespoons of apple cider.

Apple cider is a well-known treatment for muscles pains and cramps. If you want to lessen the sourness of the vinegar, you can add a bit of honey in it. Some people would also apply the apple cider on the area that is directly affected.

Tip Four: After a fierce workout or even during a break from sitting at your desk for hours, you can drink tart cherry juice.

It was mentioned in an article from a reliable magazine that cherry juice is very effective in relieving sore muscles.

Tip Five: Take a few tablespoons of coconut oil.

You can add it in your food, or your drink. You can also rub it directly to the affected area.

Tip Six: This is not a pain reliever, but drinking coffee before a workout can reduce the soreness that you would be feeling after.

Tip Seven: Get a message.

Massage can help stimulate the circulation of blood and could speed up healing. You can use essential oils to relieve the soreness faster. There are different kinds of massage that you could get depending on the part of the body that is feeling sore. It could also depend on the intensity of the pain you are experiencing. If you need an immediate massage, you can use a hand-held massager that you can operate on your own. This device can ease muscle problems wherever you are. You can check out some great products at or visit Massage Chair Land to know more about great massage devices.

Tip Eight: It is the most important tip that you have to remember.

Get enough rest and sleep. Your body becomes weaker when it does not let it rest. You can rest off your tired muscles and let the pain pass as you do so. Hopefully, these tips are able to help you reduce, if not remove, the soreness in your body.

Camping Tips You Need to Know

Sometimes, you want to be away from the crowded and busy city and wanted to enjoy nature for a change. After all, nature has its way of calming can be a relaxing activity that can even calm our soul. If you plan to go for a camping trip, here are some few tips to make it successful:

  1. First things first

When you get to the area, you may be too excited to explore the area that you forget to do the most important thing first. Remember to pitch your tent first before you go out and play. After all, you wouldn’t want to do the “pitching” after a tiring walk and exploration.

  1. Be prepared

Comfort is one important thing you need to ensure in the entire course of your camping trip. So bring the necessary clothing to sustain the temperature needed by your body. If you are camping somewhere in the UK, the UKow that the weather can be unpredictable. So have something to wrap you up in case there will be a blizzard in the middle of summer. And don’t for get to bring your sun cream too to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

  1. Be careful not to get lost

It can be nice to go out and wander but things it can be tough to be lost in the middle of your adventure. It is important to inform the site of your whereabouts like where you are going and what time you will be back. This way, rescue can be sent if you do not come back as expected. Though a GPS can be helpful, nothing beats to the usefulness of a compass and low tech map.

  1. Don’t forget to bring a survival kit

You never really know what will happen in the wild and it pays to be ready for any mishaps.

  1. Use the right sleeping bag

A camping activity can be very tiring. Hence, getting an adequate amount of rest is important to invigorate your body for another day of adventure. Your sleeping bag is very important when it comes to this matter. If you happen to bring a sleeping bag that is too thin for the weather, you may end up becoming a lovely ice sculpture. If this is too thick, you may also burn into flames!

  1. Cooking is important

Chips and burgers may fill your stomach but your camping will never be complete if you don’t grill some barbecues. So be prepared to cook in the wild. Twin burner stoves or small gas stoves may not be available. But at least have some charcoal grills where you can cook. Your boy scout’s cooking skills can also save your day.

  1. Bring a good pair of boots

Keep your feet protected with extra ankle support. A good pair of boots with waterproof membrane will be very valuable as you explore the wild.

There are so many things to learn before going for a camping trip. You can check this site for more helpful camping tips.


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