The bathroom is a space in the home that goes beyond its original intention of private hygiene. Aside from the bedroom, it is regarded as another place in the house wherein one finds solace and comfort. If you like going to the spa for its relaxing ambiance, then, a modern spa-like bathroom design will suit your tastes just fine. There are plenty of bathroom furniture, fixtures, lighting systems, stones, tiles, accent pieces, and upscale amenities that can transform any bathroom into a modern spa-like bathroom that is tranquil and soothing to body and thoughts.

Here are some ideas you can integrate into your bathroom:

  1. Vast, light, and minimalist

These are some of the important attributes of a contemporary bathroom. Modern bathrooms are generally spacious with the amenities and furniture sparse, with clean lines, straightforward and functional. Some of these as well as accent pieces may appear unique in its patterns and designs but functionality remains to be the core at which the design is anchored. Because of the space, the lights and the reflections of mirrors, glass, and other bathroom bling.

  1. Use of eco-friendly materials

Modern bathrooms are inclined towards green and eco-friendly materials that are inspired by natural palette and materials. There is a strong liking for bamboo and woods; and natural stones like slate, marble, and granite. The colors are patterned from neutral earth colors such as soft sky blue, forest greens, natural woods and stone grays. However, accents are in effervescent colors splashed with control and minimalism in order not to overpower the appeal of natural resources and colors.

  1. Functionality

Functionality is underscored by water and energy saving features among the popular and top choices. This emphasizes how people are getting smarter, environment conscious, and educated about relevant matters especially the practical needs in terms of cost and protection of the natural world. Shower heads and faucets with water-saving features and toilets that flush less water and priced competitively are fast rising in terms of preference. Low-toxicity paints, flooring finished with wood, bamboo, and natural stones.

  1. Contemporary shower

Modern bathrooms cannot be complete without the contemporary showers that have come a long way in both function and design. Imagine a walk-in shower with a shower panel with multiple shower heads that hit the body with streams of water from virtually all angles including spinal and foot massaging water jets. Here you’ll find¬†great examples of rainfall shower heads¬†including the low-flow green designs.

  1. Environment-friendly materials

Extend the energy and water conservation efforts further by investing on other environment-friendly materials such as showers with built-in lights to complete the ambiance and the experience. Use of glass rather than shower curtains and fabrics make the entire area light and fresh. Keeping the cabinets open and airy, limiting the accents to a few impressive pieces, and making the space uncluttered all contribute to the functionality of the modern bathroom.

  1. Modern and elegant fixtures

Seal the modernity and updated look of a bathroom with the use of modern aesthetic and elegant fixtures – sinks, faucets and other hardware, vanities and accent pieces. Hunt down accent pieces made of stainless steel, chrome, nickel and other modern metals. Look for unique mirrors that have the slant towards spa-feel. Consider big windows as natural ventilation and source of natural lights.

After a day’s hard work, one can’t help it but look forward to a home that offers to melt all the stresses away with a relaxing bath. With a modern bathroom design typical of a spa in one’s home, can you ask for anything better?