The use of disposable items seems to be a hard habit to break. To some people, washing dishes seem to be a precious time robbed from them, a time that they could have spent with their family or friends. Disposable cups can be thrown after use. And the best thing is, you don’t need to wash them!

However, if you look at it closely, you will discover the downsides of using plastic wares. One is the extra garbage that it brings. Do you know that in 2010 alone, there are 23 billion plastic cups used in the US alone? For a coffee drinker, imagine how many disposable cups you are throwing each day? This can build mountains of garbage on the landfill over time. And the point is; you are paying for the disposable cup every time you buy your favorite hot (or cold) drinks. Hence, you are spending more money that you should. The idea is; if you stop throwing disposable cups for 40 years, you save the earth from the 230 lbs. of solid waste it could have accumulated. This is also equivalent to 1800 lbs. of woods or 6 trees!

Aside from the waste it brings, disposable cups are flimsy. In fact, some of them are thrown away even before they were used. Of course, their cost can be pricey, even if you settle for the flimsy types. If you add up all your disposable cup expenses over time, you will be surprised to realize how much you could have saved if you didn’t buy them at all. And investing for more durable cups would also mean throwing more money down the drain. And accept it, they need more room too when stored in your cupboard. And this could mean so much for someone who lives in a limited space apartment.

On the other hand, disposable cups have distinct tastes. They have a certain chemical odor that contaminates the taste of the food. And think about how these disposable items can harm the environment. Before they became plastic cups that we know of, they were manufactured, transported and dispatched. Hence, the transit itself can cause pollution.

You have a better option and this is the use of a reusable mug or tumbler. And the good news is; they now come with various designs and features that will fit your lifestyle and preferences. Many of them are made with a double wall stainless steel that retains the temperature of your drink whether it is hot or cold. They are very useful during travels when you want to keep yourself hydrated while on the road, enjoying a steaming hot coffee or ice cold juice. They have less to no leakage or spill and are durable for long-term use.

You can also personalize mugs and tumblers. They save you tons of money over time since you don’t need to buy their disposable counterparts at all. Most of all, the use of reusable mugs and glass is your one simple way of caring for the environment.

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