Enough sleep helps the body in more ways than one. When the body is at rest, it is able to heal itself and restore its natural balance. A person who does not get enough sleep is not able to function well during the day because of the systems not functioning normally. The effects of sleep deprivation are alarming and here are some of them.


A lot of obese cases have been linked to lack of sleep. When people do not get enough sleep, the hormones that are responsible for controlling hunger do not function normally. Because of this, people who are sleep-deprived crave for food even more. What’s more, the fat cells also develop in different parts of the body because of the unlimited production of insulin.


The mind would not be able to work well when a person is deprived of sleep. Because of this, the emotions of a person can be affected. Some people who are experiencing problems with sleep often suffer from depression, too. They are not able to convey and even recognize positive emotions. Also, they cannot manage their disappointments well.


A person who was not able to get a good night’s rest the night before would often experience microsleep during the day. It is when a person dozes off for about thirty seconds even with their eyes open. During this time, a person could not feel nor see anything that is happening around him or her. A lot of road and work accidents happen while a body is in a microsleep state.

Forgetfulness and Dumbness

Some functions of the brain only happen when you are asleep. This includes the ability of the brain to store memories and information for a long time. There have been studies made in people that can prove that sleep deprivation can make one forget about events, experiences and even things that you have learned during the day. Students who do not get enough sleep at night are usually slow in problem solving and logic. Adults and young people alike have difficulties focusing and paying attention, too.

Lowered Immunity

Sleep helps the immune system to build and restore the forces that fight off different kinds of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. A person deprived of sleep would easily be infected by flu or the common cold. People who are suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, also have higher risks of developing heart ailments and diabetes. For some, it might not be easy to get the much-needed sleep even if they want to.

There are a lot of ways that a person can attain the required hours of rest that is required for the body to stay healthy. One of which is to provide a good sleeping environment for yourself. You would surely be able to sleep better in a quiet, dark and more comfortable room. You could get yourself the best Cuddl Duds comforters in order for you to sleep even better. You can check out some great tips here.