Stress is everywhere. It is your body’s normal reaction towards specific conditions and situations. There are factors that can trigger stress. However, what you should take precaution is the hazard that comes with stress. One way to relieve stress is through massage. This approach helps your body to release tension by kneading the accurate pressure points in your muscles. With this, your blood can circulate properly and prevent the spread of diseases brought by stress. You can get the best massage by using a massage chair.


The qualities of the massage you can get from this tool vary on its features. Here are some of the most important features of a massage chair that you have to understand.


Installed Programs


Most massage chairs in the market today has an installed pre-set program. This feature allows the user to select a program without any complicated manual selections. All you have to do is sit down, press the massage chair’s button and relax. When you choose a massage chair, it is better to pick one with larger pre-set program options. With this, you can select what type of massage you prefer. This is one of the reasons why programmed massage chairs work well for beginners. Although massage chairs with this feature are highly recommended, manual select is also an excellent option. However, you have to learn first the complexities of massage chair settings to get the right combinations of a good massage. But if you are an expert when it comes to using massage chairs, this option is the best for you.




The purpose of rollers is to act like a human hand massaging your muscles. Every massage has a set of rollers. However, some massage chairs do not have a sufficient number of rollers required to deliver an excellent therapeutic massage experience. When you buy a massage chair, notice the number and type of roller it has. Massage chairs with dual rollers are the best kind in the market since it provides the sensation of two hands massaging your pressure points, but this characteristic is quite rare and expensive. On the other hand, see to it that the stroke length of the rollers is enough for your height. There are massage chairs with rollers that releases low strokes. This can be dissatisfying especially for tall people.


The number of Air Bags


Most massage chairs have airbags, yet, the number of airbags can affect the quality of the massage. The prime reason behind airbags is to provide comfort and help you release pain during a massage season. Though massage chairs with less number or have no airbags still work, there’s nothing that can compare to the comfort which airbags can deliver. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one make sure to get a massage chair with a good quantity of airbags for a more realistic massage experience. The only drawback of purchasing massage chairs with airbags is the price it has. Still, your purchase is worth the price especially if you are a person who wants to ease back pain, joint pain and give a solution to posture problems. For additional details on the leading massage chair brands, you can read more at Massage