Choosing the perfect car speaker can be a difficult task. There are a few things you have to consider first before making any purchase. You can follow this guideline to support you in picking the right car speaker.

  1. Type of Speaker

There are two kinds of car speaker- the component and coaxial speakers. There are countless of debates over to which speaker is better, but the key to choosing which suits your car is to get to know the features and differences between these two. The coaxial speaker, also known as the full-range speaker comes in a single system. This type of speaker is quite flexible for it can produce any range of sound. In addition, it is user-friendly, easy to install and has lesser cost. On the other hand, a component speaker is sought out by many customers due to the quality sound it produces. The design of this speaker allows to catch up even the lowest peak frequency and comes out better than any type of speaker. If the coaxial speaker is packed in a single system, the component speaker comes in two. The woofers and tweeters of the speaker are separated to allow easy movement.

  1. Size

Speaker size and configuration are both important elements of a speaker. If you are planning to replace your old speaker, you can get the model of your former one and make it a basis when you buy a new speaker. On the other hand, make sure to get the model and year of your car so you can get the right speaker size and configuration. Buying the wrong size and configuration of the speaker might not work with your vehicle. So, be careful in buying!

  1. Sensitivity of the Speaker

A speaker’s sensitivity refers to the amount of power which the speaker requires to get a specific volume level. Speakers with high sensitivity use less power whereas a speaker with low sensitivity uses higher power. Thus, high sensitive speakers are the best match for low-powered car stereo system. On the other hand, if your car has a high-powered stereo system, it is better to get a low sensitivity range speaker.

  1. Speaker Power-Handling

The power handling pertains to the level of power (measured in watts) that you can produce from your speakers. When choosing a car speaker, watch out for the RMS power handling of the tool. RMS or root-mean-square is the measurement value of a speaker’s power handling. Speakers with high maximum RMS power handling are highly recommended by manufacturers. However, if your car has a powerful external amp, choose a power handling that is close to the external amp output. Do the same if your car has a low-powered external amp.

  1. Build Quality of the Speaker

Before buying any speaker, check out the build of the audio tool. It must contain rubber surrounds and lightweight woofer material to produce a high-quality sound. You can choose either a polyblend, silk, ceramic or metal make-up for the speaker’s tweeters. Do you want more information about the latest car speakers? Visit¬†(read more about this here)¬†the Gear 4