Unlike robots, cats only follow commands that they want to follow. Hence, you need to follow the long process of convincing your cat to follow your commands not because they are compelled to but because they want to. Everyone (including humans) respond to environmental cues. That is why conditioning is a method that often works in every home. Cats, for instance, know that it’s feeding time when it hears a certain sound that is followed by a food. And that treat time follows at the sound of a cat food can flipping or the sound of a container of treats being shaken. These sounds serve as cues that foods will follow. Hence, your cat you come running at you as soon as these sounds are heard. Food has been an effective reward for positive behaviors. You can confirm that a positive behavior was done by associating it with a certain sound, such as clicking of a pen which is often followed by a treat as a reward.

Today, many sites on the net are dedicated towards cat training topics such asĀ My Cat Training. This only shows the importance of training these furry creatures. But why would you even waste a lot of your time and effort doing this? Is it plainly for amusement reasons only, just to entertain your family and friends? Well, the ultimate reason is to mold a trained cat, civilized enough to make life easier for everyone. For example, would you prefer a cat that you need to restrain while loading your grocery to your kitchen or a cat that does not escape from the door when you open it since it has been trained not to do so? Obviously, you would pick the first option since it makes the task lighter. Besides, you wouldn’t want your cat feel that she is being punished for simply welcoming you at the door when you arrived home. Otherwise, you take the risk of allowing your cat escape from the door the moment it opens upon your arrival. But if you have trained your cat to behavior by just uttering the words; “stay” or “sit”, you wouldn’t encounter any issue, even leaving the door open for a long time.

Teaching your cat to do some tricks can be nice but it is even better if you teach your cat to understand and execute commands that will improve your relationship with your furry friend. This promotes respect and prevents a possible tragedy that can happen to an untrained cat.

It is also best to train your cat before meal time. Though it is not right to starve your cat just to learn what it needs to learn, it is also helpful to train a hungry cat since it will have more desire of getting the treat to alleviate its hunger. Hence, it will most likely follow commands in such situations. The training spot must be free from distractions or quiet enough so your cat can focus well. Also, if you notice that your cat is becoming impatient or frustrated, stop the training session and schedule for another time.