Your mattress is considered one of your biggest investments in the home. It has been found that an average person spends a third of his entire lifetime sleeping so this only means that you will be spending a lot of your life on a bed. If you are someone who likes to get high quality mattresses brands like Hamuq, then it can be a good idea to know how to properly take care of the mattress! Of course you don’t want to be buying a mattress repeatedly. If you are looking for ways on how to maintain a mattress for a long time, please read on. Here are the do’s of taking care of your mattress:


1. If you want a mattress that lasts for a long time, then you can start with buying a high quality mattress. Cheap mattresses become misshapen after a few years and this can be very bad for your back. Settle for good brands like Hamuq as these can last for a long time!


2. Make sure that you are selecting the right mattress for your weight. Here’s the thing: the firmness of a mattress is subjective. You cannot depend on a medium firmness if you weight over 250lbs. When you select a mattress, check with the brand distributors as they would know best on what would fit you depending on your needs.


3. Once you have your mattress at home, always remember to turn it over every three months to keep the shape even. You should turn it side to side and top to toe to make sure that it won’t get misshapen.


4. Of course, keeping the dust mites out is important so you can vacuum your mattress every three months as well. If you have upholstery attached on the mattress, then you need to wash it as well. As you vacuum your mattress, it can also be good to take out whatever you use to cover it and leave it under the sun for a day or you can leave the mattress uncovered if you are leaving for vacation. Just remember to vacuum it a bit before lying down on it. Here are things that you need to avoid:


1. Avoid sitting on the edge of your mattress

2. Never wet your mattress and if you do get it wet accidentally, make sure to dry it completely before you use it again.

3. Do not use dry-cleaning fluid or any similar kinds of fluids to clean your mattress. If possible, have professional services to clean your mattress.

4. Finally, avoid jumping on your mattress. This can damage the springs and this will make it uncomfortable for you to lie down on it.


Follow these things and you will keep your mattress for a long time! If you want to get the best mattresses, go for Hamuq! Check out this very informative Hamuq review when you visit this website: This website has everything that you need so you can select the best mattress! Visit this site today!