Beauty fades with time. It is the ugly truth that every person should learn and accept. As a living human being, you are bound to age as years pass by. However, no one likes to live as a wrinkly old man or woman fast. Vanity has been an innate part of every human which is the reason for countless of options present in these days wherein all have similar goals- to prevent aging. Honestly, there’s no stopping with aging, yet, you can slow down its process. Decelerating your body’s decline with age is the ultimate equivalent of fighting this natural body process. One method you can do is to increase back the collagen and elastin levels in your body.


What are Collagen and Elastin?


Your skin contains proteins that protect the organ from damages. Collagen and elastin are two of the most significant proteins that shield your skin from harm. These proteins are found in the dermis; however, you can find some of it in the bones, muscles, and tendons. Collagen is a type of protein with fibrous, hard and insoluble characteristics. This protein makes up a large part of the body with sixteen different types, wherein each of them has various functions and structures. Collagen supports the production of fibroblasts, a fibrous cell network wherein new cells grow. Moreover, this skin protein helps in removing and restoring dead skin cells.


Elastin, on the other hand, is located in the elastic fibers of the dermis which is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Elastin is the reason why your skin is not distorted when stretched, instead, it remains tight and smooth even with the stress of pulling. Poor levels of elastin are the reason why the skin sags and becomes wrinkly.


How does Age affect Collagen and Elastin?


As you grow old, your body stops from producing the same amount of hormones, enzymes, and proteins. According to studies, almost 60 percent of your hormones and proteins depletes as you reach the age of 65 and above. It is a natural effect of the aging process in the human body which is primary root behind the decline of your physical appearance and health. In addition, other factors such as UV rays, exposure to chemicals and unhealthy lifestyle has also a huge impact on your skin’s health.


How to Revitalize your Skin


As mentioned before, the best way to rejuvenate your skin is to increase its collagen and elastin levels. It is possible through eating foods that support the production of these proteins which are vegetables (red, orange and green), berries, citrus fruits, fish and lean meat. Aside from eating the above-mentioned foods, follow the Ageless Body System guidelines here on to improve your skincare and boost its recuperation. The Ageless Body System is a renowned method of revitalizing your skin. It is a downloadable module which offers a selected program on how to take care of your skin and reduce the effects of aging process. Try and explore the goodness of Cline’s Ageless Body System here on Younger Skin Guide.